Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Last Post

tulip "Happy Generation" close up

This is the last entry for this blog.  I have been working on a new site for Bindweed that includes a blog.  It  is up and live and gorgeous--I am really proud and excited to share.  So sadly this is the last entry for this blog--what happens to old blogs?  Do they just disappear into the ether?  
I will not completely abandon this blog for awhile because it is helpful to search the archives when planning events.  Using the archives from prior years you can see what was available on the date of your event.  There is a link on the new site to this blog and there is a link button just to the right of this entry to link to the new site.
tulip "Happy Generation"

Please visit our new site at bindweedfarm.com.  Push all the buttons and explore all the links.  We have hundreds of photos that are captioned and will enlarge to give you a good view of the farm and our flowers.  Let me know if you discover any bugs, link duds or misspellings.  The site is ours and easy to change so we can update and manipulate it from home. 

tulip "Happy Generation"
Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you at our new space.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fresh Cuts April 7

Spring crocus
These little charmers are blooming just outside the kitchen window under the shelter of the arctic willows.  Each year their tender green fingers reach up through the snow searching for the sun.  And if they find enough encouragement, they celebrate by throwing up slender shoots of color that swell like tiny hot air balloons until they burst open and warm their golden hearts.  Surrounded by the frozen ground, they fly their colors boldly, so tiny and brave they inspire me.

Spring crocus at Bindweed
The crocus also signal a transition at Bindweed.  It has only been a few weeks but we are harvesting the late blooming tulips in the greenhouse.  The tulips in the hoop-house are forming heads and the hyacinth are beginning to open. 

tulip "Dordogne"
We have an abundance of tulips in a more limited palette.  We have a new variety of white that is absolutely massive with big full heads.  "Maureen", another white tulip is also in bloom.  "Happy Generation", white with a red stripe is beginning to make a strong appearance and "Dordogne", a beautiful mango colored beauty is blooming.

Tulip bouquet with "Dordogne", "Hocus Pocus", "Toyota" and "Orange Queen"

"Hocus Pocus" and "Professor Rontgen" tulips

"Hocus Pocus" backlit

Colors are limited so please call, fax or email to reserve your order.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fresh Cuts March 31

"Red Cap" parrot tulips, grape hyacinths and "Toyota" tulips
Buongiorno!  Being in the greenhouse, especially this week, is an adventure.  Like Dorthy opening the door to Oz, stepping into the greenhouse fills the senses with light and color.  Outside the winds are roaring, blowing snow and rain horizontally...but inside the greenhouse it's warm, the air is moist and there is beauty all around.  I ventured out yesterday to take some photos and did some gleaning.  I walked along the rows gathering stray and abandoned flowers to make this gorgeous bouquet.  Not bad for left overs!

Cooler shot
Many of the mid-season tulips are coming into harvest and we have an abundance of color and shape.  In the shot above you can see "Orange Queen"--the yellow tulips with an orange lip and two varieties of lily tipped tulips, "Temple of Beauty" is the salmon colored tulip and "Hocus Pocus", the yellow.

Cooler shot featuring "Toyota" tulips
The sweet pink tulip in the of center in the photo above is "Toyota".  It is surrounded by lily tipped tulips and a white tulip that looks yellow until it opens up a bit.
"Happy Generation" tulip, bottom left
"Happy Generation" tulips are just starting.  We fell in love with them last year and are delighted to have them again.  This is a lovely traditionally shaped white tulip with red stripes.
"Toyota" tulips surrounded by grape and giant hyacinths
This photo features "Toyota", the softest pink tulip with a white lip.
"Happy Generation" and "Renown" tulips

Unidentified shell pink tulip
I adore this tulip, many of you got these last week.  She is a beautiful shell peachy pink tulip with a nice large head.  I have not been able to identify it yet because this variety just popped up in a plot identified as something else--farming is so exciting.
"Temple of Beauty" tulip
The photo above and below are of the same tulip just at different angles.  It is "Temple of Beauty".  In the first photo I was able to catch the subtle pink tones on the outside of the petals.  The photo below highlights the deep coral colors, like high grade sushi salmon.  Yum--I could eat this tulip with my eyes.

"Temple of Beauty" tulip
"Hocus Pocus" tulip--lemon yellow lily tipped

"Spring Green" tulip--white with lime tongue
 We are harvesting "Spring Green" tulips.  This is a creamy white tulip with a lime green sword or tongue on each petal.  This flower begins like a closed hand and unfurls as it ripens like an open hand. Unusual and stunning, definitely one of my favorites.

The parrot tulips are blooming and are incredible.  We are harvesting three varieties this week--"Professor Rontgen", the orange beauty below, salmon parrots and "Flaming" parrots.

"Professor Rontgen" parrot--deep gold and orange

"Flaming Parrot" tulip
Saturday, on the last brilliant day of the week, a group of volunteers from the local high school came to help us clear up the small trees and shrubs.  They have been earning money for a trip to Washington DC where they will compete in the "We the People" program.  They came for a couple of hours and moved like a machine gathering trimmed twigs, roots and debris from under the crab apple trees, lilacs, dogwood and viburnum.

They helped us clear up over four pick-up loads of stuff.  Thank you to Mrs. Kartchner and the kids from "We the People".  We wish you the best of luck next month in DC.

Please check your email and fax for current availability.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fresh Cuts March 24

It is cold and blustery to say the least...but inside the greenhouse is another world.
Many of the tulips delivered this week came with a dusting of fresh snow picked up on the way from my truck to your door front.  That's March in Idaho.
RT hauling tulips on a frosty Bindweed morning at 13 degrees.
I caught RT midway between greenhouse and barn.   He was moving fast, hustling tulips to the barn to tuck these babies into the cooler where it is a balmy 42 degrees.

Pink Impression tulips surrounded by Gypsy Princess hyacinths (yellow) and Jan Bos hyacinths (pink).
We have an excellent assortment of tulips in many colors and an abundance of pink and yellow hyacinths.
Jan Bos and Gypsy Princess hyacinths.

Blue Jacket hyacinth.
Blue hyacinths win the popularity contest and have been flying off the farm so if you must have blue please reserve them early.
Conqueror tulips--clear rich yellow with Jan Bos hyacinth.
Professor Rontgen 
The parrot tulips have also started to bloom!  We are excited to welcome a new variety, Professor Rontgen, a deep gold and orange parrot.  Stunning.

Please check your fax and email for full availability.
Happy Spring to all.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fresh Cuts March 17

Clearwater tulips
The bright clear skies have really boosted the tulip and hyacinth harvest and the greenhouse looks like another world.  A world warm and rich and green--it is absolutely delightful to be in the greenhouse.
Yellow tulips--maybe "Big Smile"

Red Impression

The first parrot tulip--seriously the first so there are not a lot just now.
We have an excellent assortment of tulips in many colors:  white, yellow,  peach and red.  And more colors ripening each day.  The hyacinths have EXPLODED and we have plenty in pink, yellow and blue.

Our first physical delivery to Sun Valley is Monday.  I look forward to seeing each of you then.  Our good friends at Go-fer It are happy to deliver Monday-Friday if you are in Driggs or Jackson.  Just give us a call or drop an email or text--yeah-we are so connected!  Ha, ha.
Please consult your email and fax  for full availability.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fresh Cuts March 10

The first Bindweed flower of the season!
Spring has sprung at Bindweed.  We have had clear and partly cloudy days and the plants in the greenhouses are celebrating.  Hyacinths and tulips are blooming by leaps and bounds.  So...that means this is our first availability post of 2014 and that I will begin physical deliveries to the Sun Valley area next Monday, March 17.  In the meantime we do have beautiful fresh tulips and hyacinths ready to ship out to you with our good friends at Go-fer It.

Red Impression tulips

Clearwater tulip

Pink hyacinth

We have tulips in assorted colors.  The pink were the first hyacinths to bloom but we will have yellow and blue in the next few days.  We have pussy willow, curly willow and burgundy red and yellow/green willow.

As always, please check your fax and email for full availability.

And Happy Spring

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Greenhouse Glimpse

Emerging tulips
With bright clear skies and more daylight each day, inside the greenhouses it is spring.  The tulip beds are very active and getting fuller and greener by the minute.  No heads forming yet, but it will not be long.

Tulip bed
Sweet peas

As soon as we begin to heat the greenhouses for the tulips we fill the beds.  First in were the sweet peas.

RT planting stock seedlings


Ian planting seedlings
Ian, our new help, got up close and personal with work at Bindweed planting several hundred seedlings.  Welcome aboard Ian!